Sell your instrument

Through you can sell your used instruments.

Unlike various auction formulas, Scolopendra offers to purchase your instrument immediately with the "Sell Now" option or to put it up for "Consignment".

Instrument appraisals are for the sales price AS USED, and are formulated by looking at market prices and European stores’ price lists.

Once the sales price of your instrument has been established, you will receive:

  • 60% immediately in cash if we buy it directly (we pay for the instrument immediately)
  • 70% if you are taking store credit (we appraise your instrument to use the price towards one of our used or new instruments)
  • 80% when your instrument has been sold on consignment (you will receive the money when the instrument sells)

(for example, a Stratocaster Made in theUSA guitar = Price of sale € 700,- will pay out €560 for a consignment sale, €490 towards an exchange and €420 for the immediate sale).

In order to receive an appraisal, go to the page Ask for an Appraisal

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or send us an Email.