Technical support

Scolopendra has achieved an outstanding experience over the years in musical instruments in particular guitars, analogical synthesizers and electric pianos.

The luthier is always at our store during opening hours, and can:

  • Replace guitar and bass keys starting at €150
  • Personalized settings starting at €20
  • Restore keys starting at €70
  • Wire electric instruments starting at €40

We are also particularly dedicated to tuning electric pianos and to getting spare parts for the same instrument. Common repairs are:

  • Tuning a piano Fender Rhodes from €50
  • Replace pickup Piano Fender Rhodes (including the new pickup) €40
  • Replace piano keys Fender Rhodes (including the new plate) €40
  • Tuning a piano Wurlitzer from €100
  • Replace a key for piano Wurlitzer from €40

It is possible to repair synthesizers, various musical instruments and hi fi by bringing them directly to Scolopendra or by sending them to us.

You can also request spare parts such as piano chords directly by email or by phoning us.

Repairs are preceded by an estimate for the cost of €20 which will then be taken out of the final repair costs.