Scolopendra distributes high quality instruments throughout Italy.

We look for and offer craft made products or limited editions that cannot be found in mainstream distribution and that stand out for their refined construction and innovative ideas applied to the instrument.

In the past we have distributed brands such as Spectral Audio and  Anywere Instruments

Today we distribute the brands:

Tom Oberheim a name that has made history in the synthesis of sound. Tom has brought back his magnificent and famous SEM module and the Biphonic synthesizer with a Two Voice sequencer.

Dreadbox  is a dynamic manufacturer full of innovative ideas and builds high quality synthesizers without any sound compromises, and unique pedal effects and with a distinct character round out their product range. In this moment the following are being produced:

A modular system with a case

A series of affordable but well designed White Line modules

Semi-normalized synthesizers Nyx, Erebus, Hades which are a reference point for those who love synth boxes, built with high quality components and built to last and produce uncompromised sound.

Stereoping a craft made electronic builder who had the simple but appropriate idea to build controllers dedicated to synthesizers that are not outfitted with physical controls. The quality and stability of the construction and the firmware besides the ease with which they can be used make them interesting products that get rid of the boredom and stress of programing a universal controller.