external processor RS35

analogue solution - external processor RS35

: a25065
: modulo
: analogue solution
: external processor RS35
pitch to cv converter ed altro, no smd
€ 150


ajh synth minimod discrete cascade VCA

ajh synth  minimod discrete cascade VCA

Busy circuits Pamela's Workout:Master Clock ALM001

Busy circuits  Pamela's Workout:Master Clock ALM001

pittsburg modular toolbox eurorack

pittsburg modular  toolbox eurorack

circuit abbey gravity well

circuit abbey  gravity well

plankton electronics the earwig

plankton electronics  the earwig

dreadbox WL Reflector

dreadbox  WL Reflector

dreadbox WL Phaser

dreadbox  WL Phaser

soundmachines UL1 uloop eurorack

soundmachines  UL1 uloop eurorack

malekko wiard oscillator

malekko  wiard oscillator

dreadbox WL Oscillator

dreadbox  WL Oscillator