What we offer?

Scolopendra is a specialised trade in shop of all kind of musical instruments, new and 2nd hand, as well as Vintage.

Thanks to our relentless experience, since the 1996 opening of 1st shop, as well as to our dedicating love for the music and for the instruments we are able to meet every today’s demand:

  • of those who look for 2nd hand instruments (offering a vast range, all guaranteed, that can be selected directly in our electronic warehouse stock from your web access);
  • of those who want to sell (with immediate remuneration) : pls. go to the Sell Now page;  
  • of those who want to exchange, to permute and to put in sales account the instruments: pls. go to the Put for sales account page.

Scolopendra specializes in selling new stuff too, when meeting to main prerogatives, such as:

  • indisputable Quality (mostly found in Analogical than Digital)
  •  absolute Deal (meaning that if you are looking for 2nd hand stuff just to pay less, than you’d better buy a new but cheaper brand NEW instrument).

In our offer, you may also find many other accessories, adaptors, jacks, stands, etc., at your wish.

The Rental service is quick, practical . Deposit fee is however needed., or you will pay the fee for our technical staff set-up.

The trading of Vinyl LP and CD meets both low-cost and original releases customers’ demands, as well as to those who want to get rid off of older stuff to be swapped with new one.

Scolopendra also offers a fully technical assistance service, to cover various types of repairs: from digital synthesizer, up to a valveold-fashioned amplifier.