The shop

Scolopendra shop sells used and vintage instruments.

Thanks to our experience gained since the 1996 and our love for instruments and music, today we are able to satisfy both those looking for used instruments (offering a wide range, guarantee that they work and easy internet access to our warehouse) and to those who want to Sell Now (with immediate cash), or those who want to get store credit or put their instruments up for a consignment sale.

Scolopendra specializes in selling new instruments that are hard to find and of indisputable quality (mostly linked to a love for analogue). It is also possible to find accessories such as cables, jacks, stands, etc.

The rental service is quick and practical and does not require the presence of technicians if done with caution.

We offer a small Vinyl LP section in which it is possible to find a bit of everything depending on what our customers provide us with. You can thus buy, sell and exchange LPs.

Scolopendra also offers an effective and rapid technical assistance service to cover various types of repairs. Having a luthier on site is very convenient and he can help you both with your purchased instruments and for any other need you may have regarding the repair of a string instrument or electric instrument. External technicians will do the repairs on more complex and difficult instruments such as analogic synthesizers, valve amplifiers, outboards, etc.